Selling your home? What works, For years selling Real Estate has been done through print advertising, bus benches and large billboards. This has its place today but if that’s all we do, we are simply growing our brand – not selling your home.


You will not see us waste your marketing budget on things that only showcase our face. We choose marketing that will directly affect the sale of your home, like paying our admin team to call (not email) every Real Estate Agent that shows your home to get feedback and send a daily report to all our clients. This is critical in knowing what the current market is doing.

We will “never list it and leave it” then ask you to lower your price without reason. You will never feel in the dark about what’s going on with the sale of your home.

Our team closely monitors the daily, weekly, and monthly trends, giving our clients a major advantage on selling at the highest prices possible in any market.

We believe with conviction that the biggest reason we sell so many houses is the response time of the Real Estate Agent. When a call, email or text comes in from our marketing efforts, everything drops and becomes the #1 priority to get the new buyer into your listing ASAP.

There are many more things we do to sell your home that we can talk about when we meet. We just wanted you to get a feel for our philosophy and our priorities. We look forward to a non-obligation meeting together to try to help you in any way possible. Even if you are not selling, and simply want to know what your house is worth for fun!

Marketing Strategies that Work:

Solar-Powered For Sale Sign

Signs that can be seen for miles in the dark.